Finger on the pulse for the interior professional

TrendZ Belgium offers the interior professional the right platform to establish contacts and to do business face-to-face. Besides the contact with the exhibitors, there is also a lot happening on the sidelines.
In 2019, the Interior Decoration Congress took place during TrendZ for the first time. This is a formula that seems to catch on, because Jorg Snoeck (Retail Detail) and the speakers of the ensured a full-house in the seminar space.
Besides the Interior Decoration Congress, there was also the Next Wave Inspirations lock at the entrance, as a source of inspiration.
As an organizer, you can only conclude that, in addition to the product range, the visitor is also seeking inspiration and wants to be informed about retail and project market evolutions.
On Monday, the KUFB (Royal Union of Belgian Florists) organized the preselection of the Worldskills competition.
On different locations at the fair, the creations from a competition among students and florists were presented to the TrendZ Belgium visitors as well.
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